Welcome to “The Secret” of the Grand Illusion Matrix

Will you be a Pawn or a King / Queen?

The Simple But Powerful Secret To Freedom Is Already Within You: The Real Secret Is Connecting To It.

Sounds far-fetched?


Allow me to show you how you can use your innate “influencing power” to achieve what, for now, may seem to be supernatural feats to you.

Ever wondered what is the “secret” behind “The Secret” of manifesting reality, thought-to-thought “coincidences” and “serendipities”?


You are about to fully understand the really simple underlying secret, which you carry live within you, about your ability to apply the law of “magnetically charging and attracting reality” which is the final unifying frontier of mind & matter.

Why are the majority of humans walking robots with no idea of who or what they really are or how powerful a creature they really are?


Learn to break bad habits and change behaviour you’re not happy with…lose weight, look better, and be younger.


Learn the real secret behind “Magic” and learn how to consciously use ritual to bring about positive changes in your life.


Learn how to erect a “Power Shield” of protection around yourself and loved one’s and to ward off any negative thoughts.


Learn to use thoughts energized with high inner Light in order to powerfully bring the future YOU choose in the life you will experience.


Directly experience an extremely high and illuminated level of YOUR OWN mind where all that IS possible can be created and then manifested for you at any time.


Steep yourself in meditation, the golden road to your higher self and all you desire.


Let mind and body healing become commonplace and also learn how to heal people at a distance.


Enjoy a deep connection to nature and the wonders and beauty of creation.


Experience a significant reduction in the level of daily stress and inner anxiety.


Feel an aura of calmness develop even in the midst of the ever-growing complexity of modern life.

Learn techniques that allow you to consciously attain your higher self’s higher levels of thoughts-awareness.


Learn to feel auras and chakras and how to balance them for optimum health.


Learn how to use the “Pendulum” as a subconscious conduit to your higher self.

You will take the reigns of infinite power that you have within yourself to recreate your life: Here and Now!


Optimise Your Health - Since all your body cells are replenished and recreated every 7 years (20 days for your skin) you can manipulate your body’s natural energy fields to recreate better, younger, and more pleasant body structures and skin complexion.


Learn how to magnetically attract a partner or perfect soul mate, improve your love life and much more.

And please don’t just take my word for it, experience and prove to yourself fully what advanced physicists, molecular biologists, quantum psychologists, and Spiritually Enlightened individuals, on the outer frontier of science and mind, have been almost timidly telling us.

Complete the twelve modules over twelve weeks and apply what you learn and enjoy the differences in your life it will bring. One thing is for sure, be prepared to change - for change you will.

A $20.00 donation for each session (Please bring a note pad and pen)


Please email me to register for the next course and for details of the next course starting date.

There are there are limited spaces available so getting in early is suggested.


Zac Simpson-Marvin

Email: - Zac@higherselfliving.co.nz

Facebook: - Zac Simpson-Marvin (I would love to be added to your facebook.)

Website: - www.higherselfliving.co.nz